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THE BEST PART OF THIS GAME. It reminds me so much of the pokedex in Pokemon. Filling the Criterpedia is honestly how i spend all my time playing the game. Theres just so many animals/creatures/insects that you can catch and they all very of how rare they are and the seasons! So, if your trying to catch soemthing lets say that only appears in August, if you dont fidn it, you have to ways 'til next year to be able to catch it again! I was fixated on catching all the big fish which me and my boyfriend called "fin" because you would be able to identify them from toher fish because their fins would be sticking out of the water. So everytime i saw one i would scream "FIN" and he would yell it with me.

There isnt anything you really need to know about catching them (like you dont need any special tricks or equipment) but there are insects that you actually yneed tips and tricks to catch like the tarantula or the scorpian. I have sighted both the scorpian and the tarantula, but was only successful in catching the tarantula because that was when i was able to do some research on how. When the scorpian had appeared i had no idea on how to catch it. Check out How to Catch Tarantula if you need guidence like i did! Also check out How to Catch Scorpian If you need help catching one!

I did not record how i caught it or i would show you guys, but there are plenty of videos on youtube on how to do it! I do however have a video of me catching a king crab! A king crab is a sea creature that is also rare and pretty hard to catch. Although the video is short, beliee me, i was trying to catch it for a LONG time before i started recording. i dove into the ocean and did my usual sea dives to catch some sea creature and i notcie this creature is moving FAST and i was struggling to catch up to it so i new, it had to be a good one!

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