Article Written By Yasemin Norris


Custom Designs

Custom Designs, im not going to lie, is pretty hard to do at first. I avoided going anywhere near it for so long when i started the game. But once i watched a couple videos and looked at some websites i got the hang of it and it was pretty fun to do. Now i dont do anything too hardcore because you can just download them from the internet. But i do enjoy customizing my own clothing items and sometimes walkways that i use for my island. Below i am including some shirts that i have desinged and also check out the youtube video (that i embedded above if you havent already watched it) that i also watched to get the hang of Custom Desings! If you need to dig a little deeper like i did to really get the hang of it check out Tips for Mastering Custom Designs!

ACNH T-Shirts Created With Custom Designs

Although these designs arent wild or impossible to make, i did still enjoy making them and i loved that i could customize my character in the game with attire that i can also wear and to represent the college that i go to. Something else that i used custom desings for was to create this fall stand that you saw next to my pumpkin path.

ACNH Fall Face Cutout
ACNH Fall Cutout
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